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I know how to make things eat. Maybe this is my purpose in life. Hi, I’d like to apply for a job working with Leelu. Question number one. Do you have any experience working with marine mammals? No, but I think they’re pretty neat. That answers question number two. Question number three. Do you know where the door is, or do you prefer to be kicked out? I don’t know. I guess kicked out. Hiya, girl! My name’s Fry, and I think you’re a cutie,’cause I like things that have only one thing instead of two things.

The End. There! Now he’s trapped in my book, full of plot holes and spelling errors. The Big Brain am winning again! I am the greetest! Now I am leaving Earth for no raisin! The Big Brain is defeated. Let what must be done, be done. Me. feel. a bit better in cognitive faculties. And it’s all thanks to the books at my local library. And so, life returned to normal. Or as normal as it gets on this dirtball inhabited by psychotic apes. The people of Earth had no memory of what had transpired.

I wouldn’t want to do that again. We’re going to test it by going forward in time one minute. Get in. Okay, hurry. Let’s get it over with. I can record Leela’s birthday card while we’re in there. Happy Birthday, Leela! I’m really sorry I’m gonna be one minute late,’cause we’re testing the Professor’s dumb time machine, but. Okay, I’ll just nudge us forward exactly one minute into the. My card! Did we go too far?! The year 10,000. Oh, dear. I mean, oh, my. The year 10,000?! But I promised Leela I’d be on time for dinner! Relax, Fry.

We don’t have your retina scan, fingerprint or colonic map on file. I did open the account over 1 000 years ago. What about my ATM card? Remember your PIN number? It’s the price of a pizza and soda where I used to work, Pinucci’s Pizza. Okay. You had a balance of 93 cents. All right! And at 2 percent interest over a period of 1 000 years… that comes to 4. 3 billion dollars. To Fry! Cheers! I know Fry’s rich, but do we have to wear these hats? Maybe you don’t understand just how rich he is.

They ate me alive out there. But your body’s message was, Look at my shiny new body. You’ve got real charisma from the neck down. Nixon with charisma? My God, I can rule the universe! Look here, you drugged-out communist. I paid for this body… and I’d no sooner return it than I would my dog. Please, we’re appealing to your sense of decency. Seriously, I’m never giving back Beat it! Or I’ll get Cambodian on your asses! It’s hopeless. We might as well turn in my head for the five-cent deposit.

Yivo proposed. We’re moving in with shkler. You. You’re leaving? But why can’t Yivo just move in with us? We’ll put a cot in Europe. Don’t be daft, Bender. Yivo can’t breathe outside the electric ether of shkler own universe. If shklee came here, Look, fantastical golden escalators. I love this part. Wait. I didn’t agree to. This place makes Nutley look like crap. I’ll miss you, Bender, but I have to follow my heart. You and your robots take good care of Earth. Here, these are the keys to the Bermuda Triangle.